At Boscus, we always strive to surpass ourselves. For that reason, our mission is to maintain our position as a major player of the lumber trading business in the continental Northeast. To achieve that goal, we concentrate on maintaining the best trading team in the industry, dedicated to offering the best lumber supply solutions to every industrial and retail user in that region.


To us, Boscus’s success is attributed to four key success factors:

Our people and our know-how

Over the years, Boscus has built a knowledgeable team of people with over 250 years of experience. They are our greatest assets and they are what make Boscus what it is today.

Boscus’ reputation and contacts

Our president, our salespeople and our staff are well known and have highly respected reputations in the lumber industry. We’ve developed this reputation because of our unflagging integrity and customer service.

Our financial capacity

Throughout our history, our company’s capitalization has been successfully managed, such that we can hold very large inventories in a variety of dimensions, lengths and grades. Thanks to our financial strength, we are able to offer made-to-measure terms for our client’s needs, helping our customers increase their inventory turnover.

Technologies and management

Boscus’ management team has always believed that business development must be in line with updated information systems technologies and management practices. Therefore, we implemented a complete accounting and real time inventory management system that allows us to measure performances in order to improve our services.